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WindFona™ Portable Fan

WindFona™ Portable Fan

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Product Information

Power supply: USB
Noise: below 36dB
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 10W
Colors: White, Black
Built-in battery capacity: 7200 mAh

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Ever thought about a floor fan and a table fan all in one which you can also bring with you?

Look no further, WindFona™ Portable Fan will have it all in one package.  It can be compact thanks to its 180 degree folding design.

WindFona™ Portable Fan Features & Benefits

✓ Extends from 14" to 40" (30 cm to 100 cm)

✓ Use as desk or floor fan

✓ Folds compact for easy storage

✓ 3 speeds

✓ USB Rechargeable

✓ Perfect for traveling, sporting events, and more

Silent Operation

This product incorporates noise reduction technology, making it virtually silent while in operation.  This feature ensures a peaceful and undisturbed environment whether it's being used in an office, bedroom, or other quiet setting.

Need Storage?

WindFona™ Portable Fan also has a storage slot. Whether you have keys, cell phone, or other items make sure that items are right where you left them.