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Magic Copybook

Magic Copybook

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Want your kids to learn how to write write in a neat way?

With the Magic Copybook, your child's handwriting, math, motor skills and overall learning capabilities are greatly enhanced within a week of practice.

The paper is thick and not easily smudged. Great for Calligraphic Letter Writing and English handwriting practice. It enhances the skill training of writing, enabling children to grasp English handwriting skills through hands-on practice and helps them to write beautiful English words.


Magic Copybook Improves Cognitive Writing Ability and Broaden Critical Thinking Skills

Math Copybook - Help kids to learn how to calculate, add, subtract, and more

Alphabet Copybook - Learn the English alphabet and practice writing skills 

Number Copybook - Teach children numbers in a fun and easy way

Drawing Copybook - Draw, illustrate, and identify various objects


Reusable within ten minutes

Making a mistake, not a problem.  Every book and bundle comes with a pen and magic ink refills. The magic ink will disappear in ten minutes after writing, and the book will be ready to try again.

If You want the ink to stay, You can use a standard ballpoint pen.


A way for Parent-Child Bonding

The Magic Copybook helps your child get ahead in writing skills with continued practice at home. It is a way for educational and learning activity for parent-child bonding.

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