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Hyrst™ Flex Bag

Hyrst™ Flex Bag

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Experiencing anxiety and fear about the safety of their personal belongings while walking in public spaces or traveling?

Empower yourself to keep all your precious items close at hand and out of reach of muggers and thieves by investing in a modern-style bag designed for both security and style.

 Keeps valuables secure

 More storage, less bulk

 Light weight, quick access

 Stays slim, even when it's full

 Water-resistant, Slash-proof


14-Day Money Back

We have a 14-Day 100% risk free guarantee! If you would like to know more, you may click this link to visit here.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer Tracked & Insured Shipping on all orders placed today. Order processing takes usually 2-3 business day before shipment. Once the items are dispatched, the estimated delivery time is 10-15 business days depending on location.


Note: We recommend choosing the style according to your dominant hand.

- Size: 12" x 8" x 1.5" (30 x 20 x 4 cm)

- Shoulder strap: 30" to 40" (76 to 102 cm)

- Weight: 0.48 lb (220g)

- Compartments: 1x main compartment with secret pocket, 2x front pockets, 1x magnetic phone pocket

- Phone pocket: Fits ANY smartphone

- Fits small tablets (iPad Mini, Kindle,…)

- Materials: With 70% nylon and 30% polyester

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The Hyrst™ Flex Bag is your daily wearable bag, with specially designed compartments from innovative materials. It provides a high level of functionality and comfort without sacrificing quality or style!

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design allows the weight to distribute evenly and stay securely next to your body without any discomfort. Whatever you do – walk, sit, stand up, gently lean, etc. – the Hyrst™ Flex Bag will not slip to one side although it’s strapped only to one shoulder.

What People have to Say

  • Perfect for Traveling

    More practical than a backpack or a purse for light traveling. Small day to day items for travelling are easier to organize, access for quick handling vs rummaging around. And harder for thieves to pocket in crowded areas.

    Ellen M. →

  • Seems Just Right

    I have not had a chance to use it on an actual trip but it is just what I expected. For me it is a perfect fit around the shoulder. The bag rests comfortably under my left arm (I am right handed) out of the way but protected.

    Peter O. →

  • Exactly as Advertised!

    This bag is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it and have gone searching for my phone and wallet!

    Linda K. →

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Stays Slim even when it's Full 

Thanks to its well-thought-out design, the Hyrst™ Flex Bag can receive a lot of gadgets, documents, and personal belongings: it will still look elegant & slim.

Left-Handed or Right-Handed?

We believe that all people should have the same opportunities, hence we made a bag that is available for right-handed and for left-handed people. Our design team made sure that the bag sits on the suitable side of your body depending on whether you`re left-handed or right-handed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the Left-Handed or Right-Handed Type?

We recommend choosing the type according to your dominant hand for optimal access and comfort.

Right-handed type: Designed to wear on the right shoulder, with the bag resting on your left side.

Left-handed type: Designed to wear on the left shoulder, with the bag resting on your right side.

Does the Bag fit all Body Sizes?

Yes! The strap length is fully adjustable between 30 - 40 inches (80 - 110 cm), allowing you to find the perfect fit that suits your preference and body size.

Additionally, the bag can be set lower on the body for women who prefer it not pressed against their chest area.

Does it hold Everything I Need?

It holds everything you actually need. Storage is never the only standard considered in our designs. What matters more is reducing the clutter and ditching unnecessary items that only add more weight. That’s why our focus is to get the most out of a sling bag by maximizing storage possibilities.

Will it Fit a Water Bottle?

The Hyrst™ Flex Bag can accommodate water bottles up to 30 oz (890 mL) in the main compartment.

Will it Fit my Phone / Tablet?

Yes, the phone pocket fits any smartphone on the market – even with a phone case!

The main compartment can hold tablets up to 12" x 8" x 1.5" (30.5cm x 20.5cm x 3.8cm). This is suitable for small tablets, like the iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab 10 and Kindle.

Can I Sling it over my Back or Waist?

You can carry it comfortably on your front, back and around your waist. With some quick strap adjustments, the bag will always fit close to your body, in every position.